Thursday, May 31, 2012

Glossybox May is Here! Value Over $48

My first (non-promotional) Glossybox has arrived!  Of course I had to snoop and peek at what would be in it before it arrived.  Maybe one of these days I will actually resist the urge to investigate a box before it arrives and actually be surprised!  Lol.  Hey, the hunt is half the fun :)
So without further ado...

The First Glance

 The Insert Cards

My Box!

Hey, it's ok the be jealous ;)

 Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste

Value $7.50 Full Size

I am really glad that this is a paste and not a gel.  I liked that it had a pleasant but not overpowering taste.  It reminded me of something my memaw used to have when I was little because it foamed just a little and had a slight baking soda taste.  I am not positive if it is worth paying almost $8 for, but I will find out after several used if it actually whitens my teeth!  I am certainly loving the sample, though!

PhytojobaI Intense Hydrating Mask

Value $9.64

I am ALL FOR some hair products, especially deep conditioners!  Who doesn't want smooth, soft, healthy hair?  I can't wait to try this out!

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel

Value $15.88

This was the most expensive sample in the box.  I used to never weat moisturizers or other creams because my face is acne prone.  In the past 6 months, I have been trying various products due to all the boxes and my skin has never looked or felt better, so now I am ecstatic to try this out!  The container is really cute and secure.  It even has a mirror on the lid!  I may just have to keep this in my bag.  This seems to be perfect for summer!

Burberry Beauty Lip Mist Sheer Lipstick Copper No.202

Value $7

There are so many things I love about this sample!  First of all, HELLO, Burberry! ;)  Second, it comes in the cutest little tube!  Third, you have to check out the cute Burberry pattern on the lipstick.  The color is cuter than I expected, although I wish that it was not sheer.  It has a slight tingle to it and a minty taste.  I thought that this would be my favorite product in the box, but due to the sheerness, it takes a close second!


Zoya Summer 2012 Beach and Surf Collection in Kimber

Value $8 Full Size

This color is GORGEOUS!  I have to admit, I was pretty nervous that I learned that you could receive any of the colors from the summer collection.  I am just not really a purple or green nail polish kind of girl.  I also was a little nervous about the orange, but I could have gotten over that one at least.  Lucky me, though, I received my favorite color!!!  I am already rocking it, but honestly am too ashamed to show it off on here.  I just removed my acrylics myself and have cut my nails down to the skin so that they can grow out healthy.  Not a pretty sight at the moment.  Lol.  I must admit, the pretty color helps, but it's still not something I want to show off to you lovely ladies!  Lol.  I apologize.

Isn't she gorgeous????

Oh, and there was a bonus from Glossybox!

 This soft blush brush is "crafted from the finest goat's hair- an essential for any world beauty jetsetter."  I can't wait to try it out!

I hope you enjoyed snooping through my Glossybox with me!  If you are interested in signing up, it costs $21 per month.  I know, I know.  It is a little expensive, but so far it is worth it to me.  They will have to stay on their toes to keep customers around, though.  As of right now, subscriptions are closed, but I have a feeling that with the price, several people may cancel which will open up the waitlist sooner, so get your name in their quickly if you are interested!

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