Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birchbox August

This month seemed to be everyone's least favorite month for Birchbox.  I think they have spoiled us so much that even a great box looks bad in comparison to the fantastic ones we usually receive.  I think if every month were like this one, I would not love it as much as I do, though.


Viva La Juicy Fleur smells SOOOOO good!  I have worn this every day since I got the box and I still have half a tube left.  It goes a long way- much longer than I had thought.

The Stila card was a big bummer.  The picture online showed a product in a tube, but these cards came in shades that I was unable to use and would have only been one time use anyway (it is a three step foundation routine- hello high maintenance)!

The Wei products came with no instructions, so I wasted one of the packets.  You are supposed to add it to your cleanser to create an exfoliant.  I applied the crap straight to my face while in the bathtub.  Here comes the disaster.  First of all- OUCH!!!  That stuff was R-O-U-G-H!  Then all those grains sank to the bottom of the tub where I was unable to get comfortable.  So I get out of the tub and that crap stuck to me like I had just laid out on a beach all day without a towel!  Grrrr!!!!  I was NOT a happy camper!

The Wei mud mask on the other hand was very soothing.  I really enjoyed it!

The Schick razor was a great bonus!  It is currently my favorite razor and although I already own about 6-7, I can always use a spare! ;)

Finally, the Q-tip box was actually cuticle oil.  You break one end and the product flows to the bottom.  Then you apply the oil to your nails.  It was pretty neat, but I hate the feeling of the oil on my hands, so this was also a gift to my future-mother-in-law.

I did purchase the Q-tip lip quenchers and love them.  I bought them so that my order would ship free and they were totally worth it.  They condition with a hint of tint.  Perfect for on the go!

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