Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sample Society August

This was reall a pretty decent Sample Society box this month.  I had actually cancelled, but they sent me this box by mistake (I was not charged).  I think they did that on purpose to woo me back ;)  It may just worked!

The Jane Iredale mascara was neat, but practically dried up.  I think I got two uses out of it.  I do like the idea of a tube, though.

The Phyto Hair Oil was new to me.  You actually apply it BEFORE you wash your hair.  I sort of like that idea because I am not leaving the oil sitting in my hair.  This was a decent sized sample, but the box was twice the size of the bottle, which was misleading.

I think my favorite item was the Cranberry toner because I was running out of the toner I have been using ;)  It isn't something I would buy in the future, but it was a nice fill in until I can get another bottle of my regular brand.

I think the crowd favorite was the Deborah Lippman nail polish.  I would have loved this if it were in a pink shade.  The good thing is that my boyfriend's mom loves to paint her nails and her favorite color is purple, so this made the perfect "just because" gift for a special lady!

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