Friday, January 25, 2013

PopSugar Must Have January- Worth over $100


I am really excited about my latest PopSugar Must Have shipment.  Even better, I have had enough referrals that I now have VIP status and my next 6 months are FREE!  

Want to know more about the service?  Check out my blog post HERE.

January's Box

Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits
Full Size Est. Value $4.50
I actually received these along with the cutest mug and packets of Swiss Miss from a student for Christmas.  I absolutely LOVE these in hot chocolate!  They are a bit hard so they last longer.  

Think Thin Protein Bars
Total Value $5.67
These bars just weren't for me.  I shared the crunch bar with my boyfriend who agrees with me that it was a bit dry.  The creamy peanut butter bar was the one I was most looking forward to and I had to toss it after one bite.  It also was very dry.  If you are into these kind of bars, you may disagree, but they just were not my cup of tea.  The Divine dark chocolate coconut was very good, though.  It was the only one of the three that I would consider purchasing in the future.

Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick (x2)
Value $6
O.M.G!!!!!  This was AMAZING!!!  No joke, I was in heaven.  The problem was, I was too impatient to try it as a drink and just ate the chocolate straight from the stick (no shame).  They included both a milk chocolate and dark chocolate and I loved both.  Seriously, whoever thought of this was pure genius!  The point was to try it with the marshmallows, but I will just trust that it was a delicious combination.  ;)

How you are SUPPOSED to consume it.

Remix Watch
Value $45
I am a little torn as to whether I like this watch or not.  It has both good and bad points.  It has a pretty neat LED light show and is very comfortable.  Also, you can change the bands.  On the other hand it is very large and is not waterproof.  Also, after looking on the website, none of the watches have the actual numbers and this one does.  It is a special order for PopSugar, so this may be why.  I am excited that I got it in pink, though.  Other subscribers have also received this in black, blue, and white.  I do have to say it is a neat surprise.

Epicuren Lip Balm
Full Size Value $9
This is another product that I am really on the fence about.  I usually give lip balms to my boyfriend, but after smelling it, he automatically did not want it.  The tea tree oil is a bit strong when you first apply it.  If you can get past the first few minutes, the smell and taste subsides and leaves your lips feeling really soft.  This is something I would definitely apply at night.

Stott Pilates Stabiliy Ball
Value $38.99
This is one of my favorite items.  I love stability balls for so many reasons.  Sometimes I use them in place of a chair and of course they are great to exercise with.  This comes with the ball and pump.  

This month we received a coupon for the bars, exercises for our stability ball, and a $15 credit to Castegram.  This is really awesome.  You can use photos to create a case for your I Phone or Samsung Galaxy.  The cases are normally $35 with free shipping, so this puts a personalized case at only $20.  Not too shabby. :)

Total Value Without Coupons- $109.16
Total Value With- $125.15

Certainly worth $35 in my opinion! ;)  ENJOY!

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