Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Neutrogena Makeup Review

Hello, ladies!  I am so excited about my most recent campaign with BzzAgent.  As an agent, they sent me these wonderful products from Neutrogena to try and review.  All of my reviews are my very own and I am not paid for my reviews.  I have participated in several campains through BzzAgent and this one has by far been my favorite!

The Products

Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow (retail value aprox. $8)
This eyeshadow is absolutely amazing!  I received the shades Constant Copper and Lasting Taupe.  I wore the Constant Copper all over my lid, applied Lasting Taupe in my crease, and then blended.  It took me all of 10 second to achieve a gorgeous smokey eye.  

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara (retail value aprox. $7)
To top off my smokey eye, I applied Neutrogena Healthy Lengths mascara.  I am fairly picky when it comes to mascara and was honestly expecting not to like it.  I was also a little skeptical of the claim of 100% longer lashes, although I was pleasantly surprised at just how much of a difference it made when I tried it on.  My lashes were noticably longer and the wand did an excellent job of separating my lashes beautifully.  Although I tend to gravitate toward sample sizes (I am a firm believer in tossing mascara after a few months so the minis just seem more practical to me), I think I will actually make it through this entire tube. ;)  I also like the wand did not come already in the tube.  It is easier to see what the brush looks like clean and I like the thought of it being fresh.

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick (retail value aprox. $8)
I decided to save the best for last.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with this product!! First of all, the color is gorgeous and matches my skin tone perfectly.  Second, I love that is is a gloss in a stick.  I have become a sucker for these products lately and was thrilled to have a new brand for my collection.  Third, this gloss was SUPER moisturizing.  I am talking baby soft lips!  And finally, the most important part and the reason I will buy this product over and over, is the smell/taste.  I applied the color expecting it to taste like every other lipstick/gloss I have worn but was shocked and amazed when I discovered that it tastes JUST LIKE peaches!!!!  No joke, I wanted to sit right there on my bathroom floor and devour the tube like a midnight snack.  Ok, so that may sound like a total exaggeration (or hyperbole if I am speaking in my "teacher voice") , but the thought did seriously pass my mind.  ;)

If you are debating jumping on the lipgloss stick bandwagon (sorry, yet another "teacher term"), I would definitely start with this one.  I have tried several and this one has without a doubt been my absolute favorite.

All in all, Neutrogena makeup products have won me over.  I would highly recommend picking up a few items the next time you are out.  I hope you love them just as much as I do!


  1. Jealous! I'm part of a few BzzAgent campaigns right now and I totally wish I got this one too. :-P

  2. I am jealous too! I'm excited to have finally got a campaign from BzzAgent though! It took me a while to figure out that screen shot upload thing haha. Thanks for introducing me to all these fun websites!! My life would be complete if I found a job being a product tester full time :D

  3. That is great :) i got the quaker up campaign hope i get beauty ones soon...

  4. That is great :) i got the quaker up campaign hope i get beauty ones soon...