Friday, March 22, 2013

Playtex Secrets Balconette Bra

Hello once again, ladies!  I am very excited to share my most recent campaign with BzzAgent.  As an agent, they sent me a free Playtex Secrets Balconette Bra to try and review.  All of my reviews are my very own and I am not paid for my reviews.

I was amazed at how comfortable and flattering this bra was.  Mine came in a nude color that is perfect for any outfit.  I decided to wear mine for the first time on a game day- I coach middle school volleyball.  Game day means a 13 hour (always moving) shift for me, so I was very impressed that the straps stayed on my shoulders, I never felt underwire, and my "girls" stayed in place all day. ;)

The best thing about this bra is the price.  At first I gasped when I saw the $37 price tag, but when I realized that it was sold at Kohls, I knew I would never have to pay retail price.  I actually went to pick up some more in other colors yesterday and they were on sale for $17.99.  BzzAgent even sent along some $5 coupons that I could share with friends, so that is a $12.99 bra for my lucky gal pals!  You can't beat that with a stick! ;)

So, this is a little ummm...awkward to post (and am I the only one who thinks the word awkward looks a little awkward?), but I am going to share an accidental picture that I took last night.  I was intending to take a picture of my cute new shoes, but my camera was on reverse and I got a shot of my cleavage instead.  It is not really a revealing photo, but you can see the satiny, pretty print of the trim of my bra along with a little visual of how it pushes you up and together.  So... enjoy???

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