Sunday, May 12, 2013

Use It or Lose It Challenge- Instagram Giveaway worth over $20

So, as you all know, I have become kind of a "queen" of beauty samples.  I am like a hoarder when it comes to all things beauty.  In fact, if you aren't offended by foul language, you will get a kick out of this Jenna Marbles video about "goo hoarding."  Yes, I am a goo hoarder! ;)

Anywho, I have decided to create a "Use It or Lose It" stash.  Let me explain.  I decided to go through my smaller samples and select various ones that I can use in order to complete a whole look.  For example, a few things I chose include:

  • mini lipstick
  • sample mascara
  • mini tube of suncreen
  • mini tube of primer
  • foil packets of lotion
  • mini tube of facial mask
  • samples of cleanser
Each day, I try to use only the products from the "Use It or Lose It" stash.  If I notice that I am contantly ditching a product in the stash for something I like more that is in my drawer, I toss the sample.  Also, of course, I throw the samples away as they get used up.  Right now I am wanting my products to last until the end of the school year, so I only have two weeks left to use what it is in the stash.  Whatever is left in the stash at the end of the school year will get thrown away.  No keeping it because I think a friend may want it. I give plenty away and a person who finds reasons to hold on to things is the definition of a hoarder.  My hoarding is getting a bit out of control, so this is how I am working on dealing with it in small steps.  Of course it does not help that I have more stuff coming in all the time ;)  But I am working on it.


Are you a goo hoarder like myself?  Would you like to challenge yourself to create a "Use It or Lose It" stash?  How would you like to be entered into a contest to recieve a mystery prize worth at least $20 just for sharing a photo?  All you you have to do is take a photo in regards to your own "Use It or Lose It."  It could be products you have finished, the original products that will be going into your stash, a photo of yourself using the products, etc.  Post it to Instagram with the hashtags #mybeautyboxes and #useitorloseit.  I will randomly select a winner on June 15th.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed! ;)

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