Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sephora + Pantone Color IQ- Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade

 I stopped by Sephora on Saturday and was thrilled to find out that it had a Color IQ.  This device is able to match you with several foundation options in your exact shade. Pretty awesome for those of us who struggle with finding a perfect match.

How It Works
They clean one side of your face then touch the device to your forehead, cheek, and chin.  It then pulls up pages worth of shades that are just for you in multiple brands.  You can choose to go lighter or darker if you wish.  You can organize your selection by coverage, brand, price, etc.  I asked to have my selection emailed to me, which I then took screen shots of and am including in this post so that you can see just how many choices it gives you.

Extra Service
Next, they found a few foundations that they thought would be best for me after asking a few questions.  They tested four brands on me and let me pick two that I liked the best.  They created samples for me to take home and try out.  They were packaged in a cute information card so that I could come back and get exactly what I wanted.

This is an awesome free service that can be very beneficial in finding a foundation that is perfect for you.  I took home a Sephora foundation in the shade from my profile and am in love!  I hate having foundation lines or looking washed out and this foundation blended better than anything I have ever used.  I highly recommend trying it out if you have one near you!


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