Monday, January 6, 2014

Honey Love Necklace

Hello ladies!  I just received the most adorable custom order and I had to share with you!  I have had my eye on a monogram necklace and found an amazing deal on Instagram for 50% off on Honey Love.  Since following them, I noticed that they are pretty generous about offering discounts on their products.  After devouring their site, I decided on a silver heart shaped monogrammed necklace.  Here she is in all her glory ;)

The quality is honestly much nicer than I expected.  The chain is delicate, yet strong.  The pictures really do it no justice.  It is nice and shiny. ;)  The monogram lays very flat and sits at a confortable spot on my neck. 

 Another thing that I absolutely love is the name of my necklace.  It is called the Alexis and my best friend's name is Alexis.  ;)

 One of my favorite aspects is that they use very personal touches on their packaging.  The address is handwritten and they even drew a cute pink heart on the envelope.  Inside was a box wrapped up in a pretty bow and another cute handwritten note thanking me for the order.  I did notice that they did not include a copy of the invoice, which is no big deal since it is available online.  I am all about saving a tree. :)

The only downside is the shipping time.  Since these necklaces are custom made just for you, they of course take a little longer to make.  They are created and sent to the Honey Love office, then forwarded to you.  I had a misunderstanding with shipping time and contacted customer service.  They were very friendly and professional.  I love receiving great customer service and the necklace was completely worth the wait for me. 

If you are interested in placing an order of your own, you can find my exact style HERE

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