Sunday, May 25, 2014

Birchbox for FREE!

I hear ladies tell me all the time that they hear that Ipsy is better than Birchbox.  Although, I do love Ipsy as well, my heart belongs to Birchbox.  I just feel like most people don’t know how to make Birchbox work for them.  If you read along, you will see how I get my Birchboxes for FREE! (No need to blog to receive these boxes for free, either)

It is really all about some simple math and taking advantage of bonus points.  If you would spend at least $110 in full sized merchandise throughout the year, then the samples in your boxes are really just bonuses that you get all year long.  Although there are often sample sizes in the Birchboxes, they sometimes throw in full sized goodies as well.  It’s hit or miss some months, sure.  I am really okay with that knowing that technically the boxes are free.

So how do I figure that these goodies are on the house?  Here is how I do it:
1.      Always purchase the yearly subscription.  You get a $10 discount and pay $110 up front for the year.
2.      When you sign up for the year, you will also receive 110 bonus points towards free merchandise.  100 points= $10. 
3.      I always sign up when they offer a coupon code such as a bonus 100 points for signing up for a yearly subscription.  100 points= $10 more
4.      Each month, you can review the products you receive.  This takes about 10 minutes total and you get 10 points per item reviewed.  On average, I get 6 items per month, give or take.  Reviewing 6 items = 60 points x 12 months= 720 points= $70
5.      So already, I have $90 worth of free stuff.  I never make a purchase until I have a 25% coupon code (points don’t expire for a year).  That means my $90 in points= $112.50 in merchandise.

Since I only paid $110 for my subscription, I am actually coming out on top!  I didn’t even mention the bonus points for referrals.  You receive 50 points for each person that you refer.  Two referrals= $10 more in free, full size stuff that you get to choose! 

When you think about it this way, it’s smart to choose Birchbox over Ipsy.  Although you get less full size products in your boxes, at least you have choices on which products you end up with.  Often the Birchboxes are valued at $15-$20 or above, even without a full size item.
So what are you waiting for?  Sign up TODAY!!

Right now you can get 50 bonus points for subscribing using the promo code SUMMER50 or $5 off of your first box using the code SUMMERSUB.  Happy Shopping!

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