Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dawlens Personalized Gifts Review

I am a lover of all things cute and personalized.  I just so happened to come across an Instagram page that had the most adorable personalized gifts for sale.  They have everything from koozies, to wine tumblers, to brushes, to makeup bags, to pacifiers.  You name it!  There is something for everyone.  I have been stalking the site for a few months now and finally decided to spoil myself with an order of goodies just for me!  The seller was super sweet and the shipping was super fast!  I received my items today and am beyond excited to share them with you!

**Please note that these products were not provided for me for blogging purposes.  This was my actual full price order, I just was so pleased that I wanted to review for you lovely ladies!  All of the opinions in this review are my own.

Even the box had this adorable sticker to help me get excited before even opening it up!

Here are my beauties, all wrapped up beautifully.  I did not want to ruin how cute they looked, but my excitement for seeing and using my products got the best of me.  

This is my too-cute-for-words wine tumbler.  I plan to use this on many a hot summer day.  My boyfriend's mother got me addicted to Pineapple Malibu and I have a feeling this little cup will me sitting by my side at the pool all summer long.  This stemless wine glass retails for $12.

Next I got this gorgeous brush. I love the color combination and the bow makes me so happy!  This is hands down my favorite brush ever!  This brush comes in different style and personalization options.  It retails for $11.

The adorable cup on the left is a reusable plastic solo cup that comes in several colors and personalization options.  It also has a lid with a straw and retails for $12.  The cup on the right is my new water cup for school.  I love the stripes and color combo.  This will certainly inspire me to consume my H2O for the day!  This tumbler retails for $16.

So you would like to place an order now, right?  There are several ways that you can find the perfect item for you!  Happy shopping!

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  1. I absolutely love your blog. You always have great finds. Keep it up girly! You have a new subscriber now lol