Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Super Star Talent

I have been become more and more obsessed with Instagram.  All I have to do is search a hashtag and I am introduced to cute phone icons/themes, new makeup tips, products to add to my wishlists, ideas for eating healthy, motivation as a teacher, you name it!  Somehow, I came across an amazing profile of a beautiful artist, Chrissalynne, who creates digital art.  You can check out her work HERE.

Chrissalynne's work seems to be geared toward capturing portraits.  Every time she posts a piece, I am completely enamored.  One of my favorite pieces of hers is that of one of my favorite vloggers, Kandee Johnson.  I decided to check into her pricing and found that her portraits are actually quite reasonable, so of course I asked if she could complete a commissioned portrait for my blog.  I was overly impressed with how quick, professional, and down to earth she was.  She was fast to respond to all of my emails, provided me with a sketch to preview before charging me, asked me questions so that she could tailor my piece to my liking, and made sure I was 100% satisfied.  She also asked for permission to post my photo on her page (which, of course, I obliged).  I am sure that I will be seeing even more great things from her in the future!

The Sketch

 The Finished Products

Photo, Sketch, and Product Comparison

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