Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jamberry Nails Review

I have recently had the privilege to review samples of Jamberry Nails courtesy of Kimberly Ziglar so that I can share the results with you!  I am so excited because I have been interested in trying Jamberry for a while now, but I did not realize that they could be used on acrylics as well as natural nails.  When she contacted me about writing a blog post, I was more than happy to test the products out!

Kimberly sent me a kit that included an alcohol wipe, wooden cuticle stick, Jamberry Nail file, 2 sheets of 5 samples each, business cards with coupons, and a brochure with information about the products.  I was excited to look through the brochure and browse the different styles on Kimberly's website.  There are so many cute choices!  Here is a photo of the samples that I was sent (excluding the style that I chose to demonstrate):

My fingernails are actually fairly small, but with my acrylics, the samples were too small to fit my fingernails.  Therefore, I decided to try my favorite design with my fresh pedicure!  The steps for applying are actually really easy.  I looked up videos on YouTube for tips and tricks before trying them out myself.  Here are the steps that I used:

1. Use the alcohol wipe to remove any oils or films from your nail.
2. Select the nail design and size for your nail.
3. Peel the design halfway off of the plastic using the wooden stick to avoid getting oils on the sticker.
4. Cut the design in half- each design will cover two nails.
5. Place the sticker in front of a hair dryer or small heater for 10-15 seconds until it is soft and pliable. 
6. Place the sticker on the nail, being careful to get the rounded end close to the cuticle.  
7. Take your wooden stick to smooth out any bubbles and to press the sticker firmly to the nail.
8. Trim the excess sticker that hangs over the nail.
9. Use heat on the nail design while placed on the nail once more.
10. Apply more pressure to assure that the sticker is in place and does not have any bubbles.
11. File the end of your nail so that the sticker is flat against the top of your nail.
12. Voila!  You have instant adorable nails that will last 10-14 days (up to 4 weeks on toes)!

Check out my adorable results!

I absolutely cannot wait to buy more designs to try out!  
A regular sheet includes 18 wraps in various sizes (that WILL fit my fingers) and retails for $15.
If you purchase 3 sheets, your fourth sheet is free!

If you are like me, you have a thousand questions.  Feel free to check out the FAQ page HERE