Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Black Bag- November

This month I think I have gone Little Black Bag crazy!  This is my first box, I have a second on the way and am in the middle of trading my third!  Since they introduced the $29.95 box, I have not been able to resist a little self-spending ;)

In this bag I received the:

Elise Hope handbag- Retail price $96
Catherine Stein bracelet- Retail price $22
Mocha Leaf Bracelet- Retail price $18
Pureology Silk Bodifier- Retail price $9
Carol Dauplaise earrings- Retail price $15

Total Value of bag- $160
My price- $49.95 plus shipping

How It Works
Right now you have two options for picking a bag.  For $49.95, you can get a bag worth over $100 which generally includes your first pick item and 2-3 other items.  For $29.95, you can get a smaller first pick item and 2-3 other items.  You are limited on your first picks if you opt for the $29.95 bag.  The $29.95 bag can be a great deal if you like accessories!

To get the bags at these prices, you have to sign up for a membership.  As a member, you can skip months and cancel at any time.  Also, you can purchase as many bags as you want each month at these prices as a member.

What you do is pick one item that you absolutely love from the gallery.  You will be guaranteed to receive this item, plus Little black bag will then select some extra surprise items just for you that will become part of your bag.  Once you confirm that bag, you will be able to start trading and will not be charged for your bag until it ships.

How Do You Trade?
Very simple.  You can offer one or more of your items for a different item in the gallery.  So if you do not like the items that were randomly selected for you, you can offer them up in trade for things that you do like. It is a good idea to stay within a $10 price difference when offering trades.  People will also offer items in trade for things that you have in your bag.  You can accept or pass on these trades and people can accept or pass your trade offers as well.  If you open with the $49.95 bag, you will get 7 days to trade and if you get the $29.95 bag, you will have 3.  If you do not want to wait the whole time and are satisfied with your bag, you can have it shipped at any time.  If you are like me, you become a bit obsessive during these trading days!


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