Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pureology- Your Hair Will Thank You!

I was so disappointed when I realized that I did not receive a Pureology sample in a previous Little Black Bag that I decided to contact the company for some samples to try out for my blog and share with you lovelies.  The sweet lady who responded to my email was more than happy to send me a few products to sample, even though I told her that I was lucky enough to get a sample in my second Little Black Bag!

She sent me three samples to try: Supreme Control Zero Dulling Hairspray, Fortifying Heat Spray, and Cuticle Polisher. 

Supreme Control Zero Dulling Hairspray
What I love about this hairspray is that it has major staying power, but does not leave my hair feeling stiff or crinkly.  I am super picky when it comes to hairspray because I love for my hair to feel soft at all times. If I cannot brush my hair with my fingers, I am not a happy camper!  I used this spray on my roots at the crown of my head for a bit of volume and on my bangs to keep them in place.  For the first time this week, I was not fighting with my bangs! 
Fortifying Heat Spray
I LOVE this product!!!  I am adamant about the use of heat protection for your hair before using a hair dryer or straightener.  My hair will not touch heat without fierce protection.  I love for my hair to be healthy and shiny and this product did the trick.  In fact, I just colored my hair two nights before using it, so this was the ultimate test.  I have to deep condition my hair and be extra careful with it after coloring.  I could tell as soon as I used this spray and combed it through my damp hair that I was going to like it.  It made my hair feel like elastic, as though it would withstand a lot of tension before breaking, which is also what I look for in a heat spray. 
Cuticle Polisher
Sounds like I am getting my nails done, right?  When I first read the email, I thought she said that she was sending a cuticle PUSHER.  Lol.  I was wondering to myself if they sold nail products as well (hint, hint... maybe that could be their next big thing)!  This product is actually a serum that you can put on your hair when it is wet or dry.  It comes out looking creamy and absorbs nicely into your hair.  Here is what it looks like before running it through your hair.
Yummy, right? ;)
May not look that attractive, but it sure does make my hair look ah-mazing!

I used both the Fortifying Heat Spray and the Cuticle Polisher together.  After drying my hair, I did not even need to use a straightener.  My hair felt like pure silk.  No joke.  I am in love with these two products together.  Remember how I said I just colored my hair?  Well, to be honest, I used a box color and was not exactly thrilled with the results.  In fact, the day after I colored it, I wore my hair in a ponytail to work (which NEVER happens)!  I went a bit darker and my hair pulled some reddish tones- on top of seeing my hair's little imperfections more vividly.  It seems like when my hair is darker, every flyaway is amplified times 10!  I used these miracle products today and actually came to terms with my hair color.  My hair was super shiny and really soft.  Here are some pictures to prove it!

 So, if I have you sold on the product, check out their website to learn more about their line or to find a salon featuring Pureology products near you!  Enter their website HERE.

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