Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Night Owl Group Giveaway!

Welcome to the Jammin' July Group Giveaway at A Night Owl! Check out these lovely ladies, their fabulous blogs and shops, what they’re giving away…and be sure to ENTER to WIN through the Rafflecopter form below!
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love Club July Box

I am SO SO SO excited to share this box with you!  The lovely Heather from received my name in a secret blog swap and sent me so many goodies that I adore!  I was really excited when I found out that she was going to be starting a subscription service in which each month you can receive a handmade box of goodies for only $12!  Here is some info about the club from the website:
A monthly subscription service delivering accessories, beauty products & unique items from handmade small business owners. With a love for supporting independent business and handmade, you get the best products from smaller shops that we want to help grow! 

Not only will you receive gorgeous handmade products from Heather herself, she partners with other bloggers who also make things so that you receive a variety of goodies made just for you in each package (which by the way is beautifully wrapped)!  If you decide to join, please be sure to mention that you heard about the Love Club from Jacinta at My Beauty Boxes.  Also, please let me know if you join.  I would love to have someone to share thoughts with!

My Box

The Insert Card
This bright girl prints these as photos!  The quality is great and I bet it is cheaper than sending them off to a print shop.  I love it!

Lovely Little Whimsy Necklace
This dainty little necklace is perfect to add just a touch of class to a simple outfit.  You can find more items from Lovely Little Whimsy HERE.  I love her button earrings and ruffle items!

A Sweet Treat from Baby Boy Bakery
This yummy treat was just perfect for satisfying my sugar craving!  Plus did you notice how cutely it was wrapped?  This gorgeous lady really knows her stuff!  You can check her out HERE.

Love Knot Headband from Heather
This is the piece I was most looking forward to receiving.  Heather has the cutest hair accessories and I just adore them all!  I love how simple, yet sparkly this headband is.  It is not over-the-top fancy, but adds some sophistication to your hairdo.  I wore it yesterday in jeans and a WKU t-shirt to feel a little more put together!  Lol.  I even like wearing the ribbon part on top.  I love how versatile her pieces are.  You can check out her shop HERE.

Notecards from River & Bridge
The adorable cards are perfect for sending a quick note to someone special.  The come with 2 envelopes as well.  I love them!

Dr. Teal's Lavendar Bath Salts
Why can I not read/write/say the word bath salts without thinking of that horrible incident in Florida?  Anyway, back on topic, I LOVE these!  They were super tasty!  I kid, I kid!  Ok, officially staying on topic.  I really did love these!  I am a bath person and love trying new bubble baths or pretty scented salts.  This lavendar salt was so soothing and perfect for relaxing.  I am SO going to buy more of these!  You can find them HERE.

CD by Sharaya Mikael
This pretty lady has a very soothing voice and I like her unique style.  I thought this was going to be a digital download (There was a hint on Facebook about her music), but was pleasantly surprised that it was an acutal CD.  You can check out the music HERE.

Can you tell I just love the Love Club? ;)

Total Beauty Collection July

I decided to try out the Total Beauty Collection and it was not a bad deal.  At, they do not offer subscription services.  You sign up to receive emails when the boxes are available and then you decided whether or not to purchase the box.  The box costs $15.  Here is what was in my box.

Murad Refreshing Cleanser
This is a very decent sized sample.  I like Murad cleansers, so this was a deal for me.

Murad Renewing Eye Cream
I have an over abundance of eye creams, so this one will go in my trade/giveaway box.  It is a smaller sized sample, but still larger than most eye cream samples.

Murad Sheer Lustre Daily Moisturizer
I really like how soft and smooth this makes your skin feel.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray
I really like these makeup finishing sprays.  I do not use them often, but this is just the right size to pack along in a purse in case you ever need help in making your makeup stay put.

Zents Lotion and Perfume Samples
Like I have mentioned before, I am not big on lotions, but I really liked this one.  It had a nice, light scent and was not heavy on my skin.  The perfume, on the other hand, was fantastic!  I am sad that I don't have bigger samples of them, which is saying a lot since most of the time I do not like receiving perfume samples (You should see the dish I have that holds them all.  It is overflowing)!

Bonus Sole Society $15 Shopping Credit
This is a pretty nice little bonus, although I doubt I will use it.  The shoes on the sight are all $50 and if I am going to spend $35 on heels, I want to be able to try them on first.  I am not against spending that much money, because $35 is actually quite cheap, but if they hurt my feet and I cannot wear them, it will be a waste of money.  I know I could always return them, but it sounds like more trouble than just picking a pair out that I like in the store.  I do appreciate the thought, though!

Sample Society June

This month I did not really care for my Sample Society box.  In fact, I traded the entire thing away.  I am hoping that I like next month's much better because this subscription may be on the chopping block for me.  It is not a bad box, but they keep progressively being things I do not like more and more.  At $15 per box, this is just not the service for me.  I would much rather get a 3rd Birchbox ;)  You may think it is an excellent box, though, so here is what I got.

The Box

The Insert

Borghese Body Creme
I love the Borghese brand, but I am not big on body cremes unless they are very light and have a scent that I love.  I knew this product would trade well, though because several people love it.

Eye Never Eye Creme
This may be an excellent eye cream, but I have SO much at the moment that again, I didn't think twice about trading.  Also, I received a 3 piece sample set from Glossybox this month as well (I had a product leak in my Glossybox, so they are sending me another.  I will write a review as soon as it comes in).

Jouer Luminating Moisture Tint
As I mentioned in a previous Birchbox post, these tints are getting old.  I have received it in several boxes and even have some samples that were sent to me directly from the company just for asking.  There are several products that I like from Jouer, but this is not one of them.  The good thing about this one is it is about twice the size of those in my other boxes.

Sisley Hydration Intense Anti-Age Cream
Are you starting to notice a trend in the products from Sample Society?  They are mostly skincare products and I have certain products that I typically use.  I would much rather prefer makeup samples.  So again, this is not a bad sample, just not what I am looking for.

Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil in Sangria and White Glimmer
This would normally be a product that is right up my alley, but there are two things that keep me from liking it.  First, it is not an automatic pencil and I hate messing with sharpeners.  Also, did you notice that one of the colors is white?  For your LIPS!!!!  I would use this one my eyes, but not my lips.  I am sure it could be used on your eyes, but no thanks.

So once again, not a horrible box, but definitely not for me.