Monday, February 13, 2012

February Beauty Army Box- Box Value $79.98!

So I arrived home today to find THIS in my mailbox:

I was pretty stoked that it came in the same fancy box.  These have become my new makeup storage boxes for under my sinks.

Intro Card and Box


I was really disappointed when I realized that my Blingtone eyeshadow was damaged in shipping.  I have emailed the company and will get back with you about what they will do for me (if anything) since this happened, so stay tuned!  They have agreed to give me an extra sample next month in exchange!  BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!  SUPER FAST, TOO!!!  
I LOVE the product though!

Blingtone Eyeshadow in purple haze
Sample Value: FULL SIZE $20

StriVectin- SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles
Sample Value: $20.25 (No joke)

LaRocca Skincare Gold Cleanser Exfoliant
Sample Value: $11.25


Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer
Sample Value: $22.50

Pausing for a self portrait ;)

Indie Lee The Shampoo
Sample value: $3.66

Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo
Sample Value: $2.32


My Box

Total Box Value: $79.98
Would I pay that much for these products?  Probably not, but I sure enjoy the samples! :)


  1. Have you tried any of them yet? I got the LaRocca cleanser last month and loved that. The Boob tube was good as well, but the active ingredient is the same as in my everyday lotion. It's in a higher concentration in my lotion, though, so I'm sticking with that.

  2. The only thing I have tried is the LaRocca exfoliant and the dry shampoo because I was thinking of posting the other items on a swapping site. I think I will end up caving and trying them all out, though. Except for the shampoo. I wasn't too big on the smell. The exfoliant was okay, but wasn't as good as others I have tried. If you are interested, I can send it to you since you liked the brand. :) I did absolutely love the dry shampoo and am probably going to purchase a few bottles in my first order. It gave my hair lots of volume and smelled great. I think I am going to try the StriVectin tonight. Have you received your box yet?

    1. I'll have to see if they offer the dry shampoo next month. I'm always looking for a good one. I haven't got my new one yet. It's not even time for me to pick my new samples. I've only had my box two weeks-ish. Any day now, I should pick new ones! I would like the exfoliant if you aren't going to use it :) If you see anything that you are interested in, let me know. I'm posting tonight on some things, and putting up my birchbox and beauty army box in it. I'm putting a plug in for you too since I may not do it every month, go as in depth, and have only those two boxes.

    2. I keep forgetting there is so much time between our boxes. You are more than welcome to have my exfoliant and I may send you some other goodies as well :) I can't wait to see what you post and would love to be featured on your blog!

  3. This looks cool is it free? :)

    I'm following you back! It's so fun to find new friends blogging! :)

    Do you ever blog about teaching? I'm off to search that now if you do!!

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

    1. I think I just found the answer to my question - $12 for the box? Still seems like a pretty sweet deal!

    2. I love it! You should check out some of the others as well. I like Birchbox, but some months we have a love-hate relationship. Lol. So far Beauty Army is definitely the best value for the money. My first box was worth close to $60 and this one was close to $80. I also like the fact that you get options with your samples. Let me know if you join! :)

      I just started blogging, so the beauty stuff is pretty simple. When I have more time and a little more experience, I will probably start a teaching blog as well. It is hard to find good blogs by middle school teachers. Haha. I want to completely redecorate my classroom this summer, so I think some before and afters may be a great place to start on a blog ;)