Friday, February 17, 2012

MyGlam Bag February- Video


This is my first ever video.  I cannot stand the sound of my voice on film (I sound like a little girl), so it is all pictures with captions and music (music compliments of a GRO download from Birchbox).  Anyway, I hope this works!  ;)


  1. That looks great! Out of curiousity. I tried to sign up for Birchbox last night. It had me submit my email to a mailing list and said it frequently sends out subscriptions. Do you know how to get a subscription quicker? or how long it might take me to get an invite from them? I didn't see anything about it on their site! I LOVE your blog. Thanks for linking up with favorite thing friday. This is a fabulous favorite thing. Can't wait to see more of your sample boxes.

  2. Thanks! I have actually signed up for two different boxes before and was never put on a waiting list, so I am not really sure how long it takes. I can check into it for you tomorrow, though if you want. If you send them an email, they are usually super fast to respond :) I really hope you get to subscribe soon! I love mine!
    Your compliments are so sweet! I am really glad you visited my blog and hope you enter my giveaway. It is an item from a previous Birchbox ;)

    1. I also just tried to get on the My Glam Bag and that is on a waitlist too! UGH. I hope I get on one of them soon :) I didn't know there were so many and I am looking forward to reading about them on your blog! By the way you got the most clicks from the Favorite Thing Friday Blog Hop for this week so if you want to co-host send me an email by 2/22 and Ill give you the directions. sippycupchronicles(at)yahoo(dot)com

    2. That stinks! I hope you get off of the waiting list soon! There are a few new ones out there that may not have a wait list yet. They are and Beauty Box 5. The first one is linked to Allure magazine and the first box ships March 5th (I remember that because it's my boyfriend's birthday. I am really not that obsessed. Lol). The Beauty Box 5 ships out in March I believe as well. There are so many! I sent you an email about the co-host :) I am so excited that I received the most clicks!

    3. Beauty Bar (Sample Society) is currently closed :( I think it would be worth getting on the waiting list, though!

  3. Thanks for stopping by -- following you back.

    I'd LOVE to get a bag like this. How fun! :)