Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Apologies to Beauty Blender

So I have been using the Beauty Blender every day since I received it and I must say that it is starting to really grow on me.  It does blend your foundation very well, which is big in my book.  I cannot stand make up lines and I have not had that issue since using my Beauty Blender.

One thing I did notice was that the sponge began to tear a little when I was cleaning.  I don't think this is typical,  so it may be the cleanser I used (not the Beauty Blender brand) or the fact that I am pretty anal about getting the sponge completely clean.  So what did I do?  I sent an email to both Birchbox and the customer service center at the Beauty Blender headquarters.  Here is what happened:


"In regards to your Beauty Blender, I'm so sorry to hear it's tearing! May I ask what kind of cleanser you are using and how you are cleaning it? For the Beauty Blender, what I suggest is using the cleanser that they sell (Here, we have it as a part of the travel kit). According to the instructions:

To clean your sponge, pump top of cleanser bottle to bring some cleanser into the well and dip the blender into the cleanser, squeezing to saturate with cleanser. Continue to work cleanser into sponge by squeezing and rinse in water.
I hope that helps! So happy to hear you're enjoying your other products! Please let me know if you need anything else."

Thanks for repeating the instructions to me, Birchbox!  I never would have thought to do that ;)  It's ok, though, since it may very well have been my fault.  

Beauty Blender Customer Service

"Thank you so much for reaching out to us!  Glad to hear you love the blender, but sorry to hear you’ve had a problem.  It is hard to determine exactly why this would happen, but it certainly should not have.  I will gladly send you a replacement and even a small sample of the cleanser; I do believe you will see a difference.  Please send me your address so that I can take care of this for you!"

Gee, thanks!  How sweet! I even offered to send them my torn blender, but no need!  Now THAT is customer service!  They knew I purchased the product through Birchbox, but were willing to replace the product, no questions asked.  I am glad they are sending a sample of the cleanser so I can find out once and for all if that is the issue.  I think they found their newest loyal customer! :)


  1. Oh sweet, I love it when companies surprise you and do the nicest things. The other day I got a free, full sized mascara in the mail, just for being a loyal reader of elle magazine, they wanted to say thank you lol, woot :)

    Universal Gibberish

  2. After all the hub bub about the beauty blender I went & decided to go & buy the brand that is sold at Walgreens. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love it. I've used those little sponges before but felt like all they were doing was wasting my foundation so I stopped using them. With the beauty blender I actually use less foundation & the finished product looks way better than when I use my fingers.

    I tore mine cleaning it the very first time too. I guess we just get a little over zealous!

  3. I wanted to drop by and say hi from the For Friends & Followers Blog Hop Week 16!


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