Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Julep Maven

I am SO excited that when I came home from work today I had TWO pretty boxes waiting for me!  The first one I opened was my Julep Maven box (which I got for only a penny!  See my previous post for how you can do the same).  The first thing I noticed when I opened my box was how impressive the presentation and wrapping was!  Seriously, they have done the best job of any box I have ever received (and I have received a LOT).  Check it out:

Yes, each and every item was individually wrapped.  The nail polishes were bubble wrapped and they all were put together in clear plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon.  What a nice surprise!  

Here are the inserts that came in the box.  I didn't realize that you received a free month with every 2 referrals.  Pretty awesome!  The $20 box is a bit expensive for me, but you can skip months and if you refer people, it may not be a bad deal.

My Polishes in Meryl (gray) and Oscar (gold glitter)
FYI- While these colors are gorgeous, they are just not for me, so be looking for them to be featured in an upcoming giveaway :)


Wow!  I did not realize that I would be receiving a hair product.  I thought they were strictly nails.  I must say that this was an AWESOME surprise as I adore hair products, especially those for damaged hair and offer heat protection. This little jewel does both!  I love the product name, too.  

Yet ANOTHER surprise:
This is one of the best dark chocolates ever!  I usually don't like dark chocolate and my boyfriend does, but it seriously hurt me to share with him this time.  I hope he knows the sacrifice I made in sharing and the inner turmoil it caused ;)  Even better, it came in a cute Oscar shape and was a VERY decent size.

So here is my complete box, looking ever so glamorous! 

If you think this box may be for you, please use my referral link!  Thanks big bunches!!


  1. You are killing me!! I'm going to have to do this one too!! :)

  2. They are pretty addicting, aren't they! Lol. I finally know what to ask for for my birthday and Christmas. Yearly subscriptions, please! ;)