Saturday, March 3, 2012

FYI- Beauty Blender

Ok, so I know I have posted a lot about the Beauty Blender lately, but I had to share with you what I received from the company today.  I posted previously about buying the Beauty Blender through Birchbox and it started to tear.  I emailed the main company and they said they would send me another blender and a sample of the cleanser so I could see if it tore because I was using a different cleanser.  Keep in mind that they were aware that I purchased the product through Birchbox, who should have been in charge of the return.  This is what they sent me (not my picture):

It is the same exact product with a full size cleanser that sells on Birchbox (this picture is from their site) for $23.95!  I certainly was not expecting that.  I have seen small packets of the samples, so I assumed I would be getting one of those.  The blender is a smaller size than the one I have, but I actually like that size better.  I use the tip end, so the bottom is just extra space for me.  I am actually going to use mine for travel though.  

So once again, I cannot say enough how impressed I am with the customer service from the actual Beauty Blender company.  You can check out their website here.


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    1. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, April! I think I am going to have to splurg to order one of your custom designed blogs! I just checked out your Mommy's Blog Design page and am blown away! I have spent the past hour checking out the istock photos. I may have to pm you about this :)