Saturday, March 10, 2012

MyGlam March

Hey there, lovely ladies!  Today I had to take a 4 hour comp exam in order to receive my Masters in May.  Fun, fun!  At least I was able to ride with a friend and of course go shopping after!  To make it even better, I came home to THREE beauty boxes!  Woot woot!  So without further ado, here is my March bag!

It's Here!

The Bag 
(Not really my cup of tea, but a MUCH higher quality than
last month's bag!)

Sache of Samples

 pur-lisse moisturizer

Murad Eye Lift Perfector
(Just noticed in Ulta today that Murad has hair products now.  I thought
they just sold acne stuff.  Hmmmm.... guess not!)

LOVE this extra.  $25 off of an order of $50 at the Dermstore.
Guess what I'm getting......

The Insert Cards

Keracolor Leave-In-Treatment 
2 packets
(I will review this product SOON!)

MyGlam Brush Case & Brush
(Cheap quality, but cute!)



 Pur-Lisse Pur-Lip Comfort
Value: $22
*Please note I came across another blogger who posted her March Glam bag as well.  Her sample was .38 oz. while mine was the full .5 oz.  I am not sure if I just got lucky or if she was unlucky.  I will let you know when I figure it out.

This was a decent bag, considering you receive a full size product.  The bad part for me is I already own the pur-lip comfort and do not really need a second.  I do admit that it is a very wonderful, moisturizing product, but it lasts forever (not complaining) so this one will just chill in my closet until I find someone who is willing to trade with me ;)  
I was a little disappointed in the amount of sample packets, although the Keracolor was a decent size.  I will be receiving a second sample from this company since I was one of the first 500 to like their Facebook page and send them an email.  I will be getting the sample for blond hair from them, so I will use both products then post a review of the company.  I am organizing a trip D.C. for the 8th graders at my school next week, so I will be taking these lovelies with me to try then.  
The make up bag was not really my style, but yet again, I am sure I will find someone willing to trade me for another product (there is a forum just for trading beauty box stuff on  As far as the MyGlam brush and bag, I think I will keep the brush for now for the cuteness factor, but the quality is too poor to actually use a lot.  I don't much care for the brush bag, but maybe it can be a new "monthly visitor" product holder.  ;)  

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