Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beauty Army March- Value $81.33

I just received my March Beauty Army box!  I am excited to share what I received with you, although I was not as impressed with this month's choices as those in the past.  The problem with Beauty Army is that once you have chosen so many products, the choices seem to get limited.  It appears as though what is left over are the products that you did not choose in the past, and usually they are not chosen for a reason.  The company has stated that they are expecting new products, so I am hoping to see some more options soon!!  

CellCeuticals Biomedical Skin Treatment .33 oz
Value $7.43
(No Review- I plan to trade or use this item as a giveaway)

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil .25 oz
Value $6
I will more than likely be giving this to my "future mother-in-law," so if she tells me what she thinks about it, I will be sharing with you.

Cover FX Eye Prep .16 oz
Value $10.27
I already had this product, but I LOVE it!  It works great and my shadow lasts all day!

BeFine Night Cream .5 oz
Value $8.82
This is another sample I already own.  It was ok, but nothing I was too excited about.  I love the Befine exfoliator (I purchased the full size on Birchbox), but other than that I am not really sold on the brand.  Lots of girls love it, it's just really not for me.

MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in Diamonds & Pearls (Full Size)
Value $20
PLEASE NOTE *I will not be including this product in my total value.  This product was added because the  Blingtone in my last box was damaged in shipping.  Although I appreciate the replacement, I do not feel that the value should be added to this box as it was an additional product whose value I included in my last box.

SunFX Summer's Secret 2.2 oz
Value $9.75
This product is a gradual self tanner, therefore I will not be able to give an accurate review until later.

 Babor Argan Cream .5 oz
Value $39.06
This cream was very moisturizing and came packaged VERY well.  The box was wrapped in cellophane,  then the jar had a gold seal.  Even the jar had a nice quality.  I seriously doubt I would purchase this product (HELLO, $125!!!!!), but it was a nice sample to receive.  
P.S. They are out of stock at the moment.  I guess it is more popular than I thought!

My Kit!
Value $81.33


  1. I got the Babor too! love it. I also got the Eye Prep RX...but mine barely had anything in it. I could only use it twice...barely anything in the tube. It was so ridiculous. Otherwise I was VERY happy with Beauty ARmy. Waiting for my first Birchbox.

    1. Really? I have gotten two of the Eye Prep RX(I ordered a second box last month to get a second eyeshadow. Lol)and both of mine were full. I bet if you email the company they will work something out for you. They gave me a 7th item this month because one of my shadows arrived broken and they have done this for other people as well. :)

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  3. I was so upset when I came back from vacay and USPS had lost my Beauty Army box! So I had to repick all over again, missing out on some of the samples I had already chosen. Grr!!