Monday, April 9, 2012

Beauty Army- April's Box- Value 68.57 (Give or Take)

I just received my Beauty Army box in the mail today!  This is one of my favorite boxes.  Here is what I got:

Purely Cosmetics Mineral Foundation - California Blonde
Value $4
(You can purchase 3 of these sample sizes for $12 on the Purely Cosmetic website)
This cannot be purchased at presently.

Cover FX Skin Prep
Value $7.20
I really like this brand and am excited to have a nice new primer from them :)

My Face Cosmetics My Mix Foundation
Value $14.37
This is a very light weight, medium coverage foundation.  I love that it blends perfectly into my skin!
This product is not available for purchase on the Beauty Army website and I had to do quite a bit of research to find the product and figure out the value (including coverting to oz.), which is not something I would expect from a beauty subscription service.  I feel that if a product is sent to customers, they should be available on the website. 

Karuna Anti-Blemish Treatment Mask
Value $7 ???
Again, I am unsure of the exact price because you cannot purchase this through Beauty Army.  I think this may be one of their biggest downfalls and could cause them to lose customers.  I found a 4 pack on for $28, so we will guesstimate (yes, to me that is an actual word) the value at $7.

On another note, I am really excited to try this product out and will definitely be writing a review.  This is a cloth mask that you apply to your face.  The directions are just a bit unclear to me as you are to put the mask on your face and then peel off the backing.  So does the backing then face outward????  Usually the part that you peel off is placed facedown.  I will have to check it out when I open it and let you know.

Pur-lisse Lip Comfort
Full Size
Value $16
This is the 3rd full size Lip Comfort I have received (one from Dermstore, one from My Glam, and now one from Beauty Army).  This company must love giving this stuff away!  I don't really think it is a such an amazing product that I could not do without, but I am glad I have a few that I did not have to pay full price for.  I use this every night before I go to bed to help soothe and soften my lips.  It is a lot like putting on Vaseline, so if you are thinking about purchasing a full size, I would opt for something cheaper. 
Surprise, surprise!  This cannot be purchased through  I think I will send them an email about conveniencing their customers with the ability to purchase all products from their boxes through their website.  They should at least provide a link to where to receive the products if they do not offer it themselves.
Can you tell I am a little frustrated with this today?  I apologize for the repetitiveness, but COME ON!!!  Lol.

ClickR Acne Spot Serum (YES!!!!!)
Full Size
Value $20
I am SO excited to receive this product!  I almost purchased this at Sephora a few months back for full price.  Something told me to wait, and I am glad that I did.  Bonus: this can be purchased through Beauty Army (about time)!!!


  1. Hey, I talke with Nancy Lee a TON, I have to be Beauty Army's biggest fan (er...stalker). Anyway a lot of the products become available about half way through the month after they are introduced as a sample. For instance the Pur-Lip comfort is now available on their site - however they list the 0.38 oz as both the sample and the sale size - You and I both received the 0.5oz tube which retails on sites for $22.00 - Nancy is looking into which size they are actually selling and which size they are supposed to be sending as a sample.

    1. Thanks so much for the info! I really hope that that is the case and the products will be available for purchase on their website soon. I love Beauty Army and want to be able to say only great things about them! :)