Monday, June 11, 2012

My First Ever Unboxing Video- Little Black Bag

I have been wanting to do a video for a long time, but of course the usual insecurities always got in the way.  Finally, I decided to throw those insecurities to the side and just do it!  Of course this is my first video and I have lots to learn (like don't look up so much, especially when the camera is tilted up anyway!  Oh, and don't leave paper, etc. in front of the camera) but I am glad that you ladies are so awesome and will not even notice all the imperfections I did (hopefully)!

This video is about a new subscription service I have signed up for called Little Black BagMy First Ever Unboxing- Little Black Bag.  This is actually my second shipment.  It is a little more expensive than the others at $49.95 per month, but it is totally worth it!  You get to pick an item of your choice (they have everything from handbags to makeup) and then 2-3 more items are added for you.  The value usually exceeds $100.  Then you are able to offer your items as trade for other items and other people can request to trade with you.  Sometimes you can get a few items traded to you for a single item.  That is how I ended up with 5 items in my box (I started with 3).  I forgot to mention that you can also skip months if you don't see anything that you are interested in or you don't have the funds.
All the Rage - Cut Out Leaf Earrings    Value $12

 Youngblood - Lipgloss      Value $23

Youngblood - Lipgloss       Value $23

Melie Bianco - Floral Foldover Clutch       Value $50

 Carol Dauplaise - Multi Row Stretch Bracelet Set  Value $20


COST $49.95

Ok, on to the scary part- sharing my video with you!  Please be nice ;)

My First Ever Unboxing- Little Black Bag

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