Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beauty Box 5 - March

It seems as though Beauty Box 5 is really stepping up to the plate!  I am super impressed with this month's box and have decided to sign up for a yearly subscription.  Here is what I received (my camera was dying, so I was rushing like a mad woman to get these photos taken, so please ignore the poor quality!):

Lavera Mango Milk Care Treatment 
Value $3.12
This is a deep conditioning treatment for your hair.  I can never get enough of these!  This is a really nice sized packet as well.  It is even a vegan product!  My cousin would be proud of me ;)

Becca Eye Tint in Pewter
Value $24
Note: The cost is not posted on the website, but this is the value according to Google.
A little of this goes a LOOOOONG way!  It came out super fast when I opened it to check out the color and I kind of made a mess because I applied too much.  I also recommend applying this with a brush because it tends to get everywhere.  Also, my fingers seemed to push the color around and it began to look uneven.  It is a liquid like substance, so make sure to use an appropriate brush.

Lavera Eyeliner
FULL SIZE (Yes, that is 2 full size products thus far)
Value $10.80

This is a wooden pencil, and although I prefer automatic, I really liked this liner.  It is a pretty color and glides on smoothly.  

Pur-Lisse Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser and Makeup Remover
Value $10.93
Again, this is a very nice sized product.  I wanted to be able to tell you it smelled nice, but right now I am so congested that I honestly couldn't tell you :(
I am picky when it comes to cleanser because it has to a) foam up and b) remove all makeup.  I will be trying this out soon to let you know what I think.  I have been seeing a lot of this brand here lately, but this product is new to me.

Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask
FULL SIZE (Packet)
Value $3.99
As I am with cleansers, I am picky with face masks.  I despised the one I received in a previous MyGlam bag, but I think I will still give this one a try because I do like other Freeman products.  Also, I love dead sea mineral products, so I will be saying this for a spa-at-home day.

 My Box

Exciting for me, but sad for you, I have no products that I am willing to swap or give away from this box.  Maybe next time, ladies! ;)

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