Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My 2nd June Birchbox Value $29.45

Just $10 per month and with their amazing point system, you earn free full size products FAST!

Having 2 Birchbox subscriptions is definitely fun, but you often receive repeats (which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the product).  They send out such a variety of boxes that I usually get at least a few things that are different.  Here is what I received in my 2nd box this month.

Value of Repeats $10.31

Modcloth Headband
Value $14
I thought I was going to love this headband BUT.... not so much.  The wire is a little much for me.  However you put this headband in, it is not going anywhere!  Someone on a forum made a reference that made me laugh.  Check it out below the pic of the headband.  I DO love the cute deer print, though.

Coola Cucumber Mineral Face Sunblock Matte Finish
Value $3.58
What I like about this is that it is supposed to act as a primer.  I have not yet tried it out, but I am really looking forward to it.  It is definitely a product that I would purchase if it has a good feel and finish to it.

 Jouer Luminating Moisture Tint
Value $1.56
I had received a few foil packets of this by request from the Jouer company and it was not my favorite.  I love their lip balm, but the tint was too light for me.  Many people love it though.

What I like most about this box is that even though some of the items were small, they included 7 different products that I could leave feedback for.  Each item that you leave feedback for = 10 points which = $1.  Therefore, my box cost $10 (which includes shipping) and I earned $7 in free product so it's like I paid $3 for almost $30 worth of stuff, shipped!

You can check out my first June Birchbox HERE.

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