Friday, June 8, 2012

Birchbox June- Value over $15


Just $10 per month and with their amazing point system, you earn free full size products FAST!

My June Birchbox arrived today!  I had a mix of good and bad feelings that I will explain in my pictures, but my biggest disappointments were finding out that other subscribers received a full box of Cynthia Rowley band aids (I would have went crazy over those!) and a full size Stila bronzer worth $36.  I am not saying that my products were bad, but I do have a case of the ugly green monster today!  The good thing is that I am signed up for two boxes now, so I still have one coming my way.  Fingers crossed, I will get a package of those adorable little band aids that I will NOT be sharing with my students (they love my crazy selection of band aids so much, that I have to see the boo boo before I hand one out.  They often lie just to get one)!  Lol.

This month's theme is Jet Set.

Beauty Blender Cleanser

Value $ ? (The sample size is not indicated.  I am going to guess about $3)

Since I have already purchased a Beauty Blender, this sample is ok for me.  I feel sorry for those who got it and do not own a blender, though.  I think these should have only gone to those members who received the Beauty Blender in their box.  You can use this cleanser for other brushes, though.   I traded my large bottle of cleanser for something I really wanted, so I am actually glad to have this sample.

Comodynes Self-Tanning Towelettes

Value $3.75

I am TERRIFIED of self tanners (Hello Orange!) so I always cringe when I receive a self tanning towelette in a box.   MAYBE I will work up the nerve to try these out, but I am sure I will at least be spotted before it is all said and done.  I will leave the sunless tanning to the professionals! ;)

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect

Value $6.88

I am actually THRILLED with this product.  I blow dry my hair EVERY day and this leave in helps to fight against heat damage.  The smell is decent, but not as great as the description from Birchbox.  I cannot wait to try this out.  It doesn’t just protect hair from heat damage; it also doubles as a color protector and UV shield.

*My Favorite

The Balm Stainiac Hint of Tint for Cheeks and Lips in Beauty Queen

Value $2.27

I am IN LOVE with this tint!  The color is absolutely gorgeous!  I must admit, at first I was mortified at the red hue to the container, but it does NOT go on red.  In fact, I had to take a picture of myself wearing it so you could see how pretty it looks on.  I am not huge on blushes, so I do not plan to use this as a cheeck tint, but if I ever decide to try it out, I will be sure to post a picture for you all.  I am already planning on purchasing the full size of this with my beauty points once my feedback options are up.

Tili Bags

Value $0.79

This is just a heavy duty ziplock bag with a cute print.  I must say that I love it, though.  It is perfect for storing things in a tote that you don't want to leak.  Or you can protect a cell phone when you go to the water park (Then use it to store your wet suit when you leave).  Plus there are a million uses for the classroom!  Will I likely buy a full box of them?  Hmmm... doubt it.  I do really enjoy this one, though (besides the fact that it was not my precious box of band aids)!

Last AND least, a sample for my boyfriend!

John Varvatos Star U.S.A. cologne

Value $1.29

They threw in a sample from their men's box just to preview and since Father's Day is coming up.  Again, I am not thrilled that I received this versus the band aids (yes, I am stuck on the band aid thing and will probably not get over it soon!  Lol), but at least I will have something to give my boyfriend when he gets home from work.  I am sure he will be absolutely thrilled (said with dripping sarcasm).  I would tell you what I thought of the scent, but I will at least let him open it first.

Overall, I am happy with my Birchbox this month, but now I am on pins and needles waiting for my second box.  I have yet to receive my shipping confirmation, so I am positive it will be a different box than this one.  I will be sure to review it with you when I receive it!

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