Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Glam- April Bag

Hey all!  I just received my My Glam bag yesterday and was a little more excited about the products than I thought I would be.  Here is what I got:

Dermstore Lip Quench
Value $12
I did not realize that Dermstore sold their own brand of products.  I really like this balm because it has a hint of sparkly pink color to it.  I know my boyfriend will not be "jacking it" from me now!  Haha.  I will be receiving another free full size of this from a Dermstore order I placed earlier this week.  I think it may be one of my newest staples!

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Woodstock
Value $6.40 (roughly)
On the Urban Decay website, 5 of these travel sized liners sell for $32, although they are on sale right now for $19.  I estimated the value of this based on the original price.  At first I was ecstatic that I received the pink (because I LOVE pink!), then I was curious how I would ever pull off pink eyeliner, then I came to a brilliant conclusion!  I used this product as a lip liner and then filled my lips in with it.  I knew it would be a bit dry, so I topped it off with the Lip Quench.  The result = my favorite shade of lipstick in several months!  I am not sure if I should really recommend using eyeliner as a lipliner, but I did look it up and several sites suggest that it is safe.  

MyGlam Brushes
Value $?
I could compare this brushes to other products to tell you a value, but I do not know enough about the quality and material of these brushes to do so, so I will just leave it open for interpretation for now.  When I received the brush last month, I was less than thrilled, but I am in love with the eyeshadow brush included this month.  It was perfect for my daily look.  Plus, I love the color! 

All-Belle False Eyelashes (Singapore)
Value ???
I could not find where to purchase these, so I do not want to give an inaccurate value.  As soon as I find something more accurate, I will edit.
These lashes are manufactured in Singapore, so it was sort of neat seeing the writing on the package.  I could not read a word of it though!  Haha.  The lashes look very pretty and natural.  Although I really have no use for false lashes, these will be neat to keep around for a "rainy day."  

The insert card was nice and colorful this time.

I have to admit, that this is probably the ugliest bag I have seen in a long time!  I do love that it is pink, but that is where the love stops.  This reminds me of the dress that Drew Barrymore to prom in Never Been Kissed.  This will more than likely be featured in a giveaway VERY soon!! :)

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  1. My daughter nearly passed out in delight when she saw those lashes. She's an anime fan and loves making her already large eyes even bigger. She also got "Perversion" as a liner. It's a deep, dark black. Everything else (including that ugly bag) was the same though. She is thrilled.