Friday, June 22, 2012

The Look Bag June- Value over $40

Last month I did not post my Look Bag because I had an item leak all over my package.  I decided not to say anything to the company about it because the products were still usable; the pictures would just look horrible.  This month I did my normal sneaking routine to figure out what we were getting and I saw a video in which a girl received a full size Two Faced lip product.  I was a little disappointed that I did not get one in my bag, so I decided to contact customer service, just out of curiosity.  To my delightful surprise, they told me they would send me the Two Faced product and some other goodies because of my leak the previous month.  They TOTALLY did not have to do that, but I am so glad that they are and once again, the customer service has proven to be extraordinary.  Customer service is one my biggest indicators of a good subscription service.  So enough with my gabbing about the customer service and on with what I received!

The Insert

Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream
Value $2.20
I have seen a lot of people receive this from Beauty Army.  I am still debating if I want to use this or put it up for trade.

Prescriptives Lip and Eye Pencil Sharpener
Value $???
I am not typically a fan of pencils that are not automatic, so I am thinking that this one will go up for trade as well.  I apologize for the wrapping, but it is sealed and I decided not to open it since I plan on trading.  I tried to find the value, but I am finding anything from $1-$12 on Google.  It is not yet sold on The Look Bag's website.

Snowberry Cellular Regeneration Night Cream
Value $8.56
This is the one product I am most excited about because of the cute packaging and easy-to-use pump.  I was shocked when I found this online at Beauty Sage for $104 for 1.7 oz.  I hope I don't end up loving it too much!  It could get expensive!

Korres Eyeshadow in Olive Green
Value $16
I am NOT positive, but I read on a forum that this product is discontinued.  It originally cost $16. but you can find it for $13.50 or less online because they are all on sale.  I would love this product, but I am not crazy about the color, so it will be another item I will put up for trade.

Von Berg Luxe Lipliner Pencil in Riviera Nude
Value $14 ???
This is actually a really pretty color and I like that it has a brush on the other end.  The only problem is that it is not automatic.  I may just have to consider keeping this one, though.  If I do, it looks like I will be keeping that sharpener as well. ;)

The Verdict: I do love that this bag had a lot of options and full size make up.  My only concern about this bag is that it is very difficult to find the products if I love them and want to purchase more.  I wish that the products were newer and easily available on their website.  It was certainly worth the $10 I paid for it!

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