Monday, July 2, 2012

What is Little Black Bag?

If you haven't heard of Little Black Bag, you are missing out!  It is an extremely addicting trading site where you get major discounts on name brand products.  Interested in more deets?  Keep reading!

How much does it cost?
If you sign up for a monthly bag, it costs $49.95 plus shipping.  If you just want a one time bag, it will cost you $59.95 plus shipping.  The best part is that if you are a monthly member, you can skip a bag if you want.  You can also purchase as many bags as you want to in a month.  I know several ladies who get multiple bags each month.

How Does it Work?
You take a quiz so that Little Black Bag can get an idea of your style (I honestly think they do not utilize that, though).  Then you choose one item that you absolutely have to have.  This is where you want to pick your handbag or high dollar item.  Little Black Bag then chooses 2-3 items (I have only seen 2) for you to receive as well.  Once you submit ok, the trading begins.  Let's say that you would rather have something aside from the 2 items that were chosen for you.  You can trade them individually or together for a larger item.  People will offer you items in exchange for your items as well.  You can accept or pass on trade offers and people can accept or pass your offers as well.  Sometimes people will offer several items for a single item that they really want.  There are often times that I end up with a completely different bag in the end.

How Long Can You Trade?
You can trade for up to 7 days.  After that, you will be charged for the bag and it will ship.  If you decide to, you can choose to ship the bag sooner than the 7 days.

Return Policy
Anything can be returned in good condition for exchange (you will receive an item of the same value in your next bag- you do not get to pick the item) or a refund.  The refund will depend on the total value of the bag.  You do have to pay for return shipping unless your item is damaged. 

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  1. I miss not being able to shop at Little Black Bag. Is there anything else like it out there?